My Cause Brand

Our Team

Jimmy James

Jimmy Stephens is the Founder/Designer behind the MyCause Brand and MyCause Awareness Shoes—the brand known worldwide for donating to charitable foundations and organizations through the sales of its branded MyCause footwear and apparel.

Jimmy is a three-time Advanced Stage Cancer survivor and advocate for patients and survivors everywhere. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife, two children, and their five rescued fur babies. In addition to being an avid, life-long fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Jimmy also likes watching his teenage sons compete in bowling tournaments.


Lanette is the backbone behind the MyCause Brand. As Jimmy’s wife and soulmate for many years, she handles the day-to-day operations of the company.

In her spare time, Lanette enjoys doing crafts, playing with their five fur baby rescues, and watching their two teenage boys compete in bowling tournaments across the state.

Lanette is a big fan of watching Dallas Cowboys games with Jimmy, traveling, and going to flea markets and festivals whenever she and Jimmy have time.


Kelly is the Brand Development Manager and leads the branding team in helping promote the MyCause Brand name and causes on a global level.

Kelly is a native of Oklahoma and a graduate of Oklahoma State University and enjoys watching her OSU Cowboys play. She is a married mother of two. In her downtime, Kelly enjoys jogging, cardio workouts, traveling, and spending time with her fur babies and the rest of her extended family.


A graduate of The University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, David is the Marketing Manager and go-to guy for all things marketing.

David enjoys hiking, biking, and pretty much everything else that has to do with the outdoors and exercising. He has received numerous awards for his Sales/Marketing achievements and gives meaning to the phrase, BRING IT, every day.

David lives in Dallas with his girlfriend, Heather. They share a beautiful little Yorkie fur baby named Izzy.


Fur babies are an important part of the MyCause Brand team. Radar has been a part of the office and home since the very beginning.

Radar enjoys lounging around, playing with his siblings, and giving the biggest kisses and hugs ever. The oldest fur baby at nine years old, Radar rules the roost. Radar was adopted in 2012 at the Texas State Fair and there’s serious debate as to whom actually rescued who.


Cali is her name and loving is her game—that pretty much sums her role at the company.

Cali is known as a huge ball of love who demonstrates her affection every second. She is spoiled rotten but refuses to admit it as she knows a treat or food could be just around the corner. Cali loves to eat and is one of the most loving doggies and fur babies ever.

Cali was rescued from the Tri-County Animal Control & Adoption Center near Cedar Hill, TX. It was puppy love at first sight for all parties involved; something that was just meant to be.


Topanga is the most energetic member of the MyCause Brand family canine team. When it comes to pure energy and speed, Topanga has more than her fair share.

She loves to go to the park and run, run, run. Just move your lips like you’re saying P.A.R.K., and this doggie is rearing to go! Topanga is a Whippet/Greyhound mix and it shows.

She likes to run around the yard and play fetch with her toys and loves to go on walks and bike rides. She is a ball of energy and her love for the Jimmy and Lanette is on display every second. Her long tongue also allows her to give the best kisses.


L.J. is the second oldest of the five rescued fur babies and a bundle of love and joy.

L.J. was adopted from an animal rescue & adoption place at a festival in the DFW Metro area. He was in a cage looking for love from anyone who would have him. The minute he was spotted, it was a given that he was joining the MyCause Brand home team. It was a memorable beginning and L.J. continues to be a big part of the team’s daily lives.

L.J. is a Chihuahua who loves to play fetch more than most dogs. Wherever there are toys and balls in the park or anywhere else, L.J. is bound to be close by.


The newest and tiniest of the fur baby pack is Ember. Ember was found by Lanette one day as she was driving home from her office. A tiny, very young, little girl, Ember was roaming the streets searching for scraps when Lanette spotted her. She was feverishly trying to tear into a garbage bag to find her something to fill her tiny tummy.

Lanette stopped her car, backed up, and tried approach Ember—who just started to run away. Determined to save her, Lanette kept slowly and steadily tracking her. Finally, Ember just rolled over and gave up, seemingly saying, “I sure hope you have something better for me than all this.”

Ember is now an integral part of the MyCause Brand team, accompanying people on daily drives. She is still fearful of many things, but a far cry from when she was found. Small, but mighty, Ember rules the house, and is always up for a business trip.