My Cause Brand

Jimmy's Story

Our founder, and the creator of The MyCause Brand is our friend, AND 3-Time Advanced Stage Cancer Survivor, Jimmy Stephens. Over the past 17 years, Jimmy has battled and fought through some of the toughest times in anyone’s life, with Cancer. Initially diagnosed on September 27th, 2002 with aggressive Stage 3b Metastatic Testicular Cancer. Jimmy fought for months for his life, often living on the Cancer floor of Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX.

In 2003, Jimmy received the most amazing news; CANCER FREE! The doctors were unable to explain the sudden, and drastic drop of cancer markers to normal levels, but those words were the most comforting words he’d ever heard, and as such he began on his journey of recovery, until on October 15th, 2005 he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, although this time he knew what to expect and what it would take to make it out alive. For 6 months he fought and battled through every day, until one day the doctors gave him the news he’d been looking for; CANCER FREE! A miracle indeed everyone felt, including the doctors, yet Jimmy knew that now, forever more, he would be looking over his shoulder wondering if Cancer would want another shot at him; that time came on the night of November 4th, 2015, as he writhed in pain from an all too familiar feeling, and in an all too familiar place, Jimmy made the decision to head to the hospital, in the middle of the night, and already knowing what the diagnosis would be; 2 hours later, after a quick admittance and imaging, the doctors returned the verdict; “We see 4 masses that we believe to be cancer”….As a tear fell, the doctors said 2 words; I’m Sorry. Jimmy knew then what that meant; another fight; another battle to the death; this time around would be a little different, though. Jimmy’s Urologist & Oncologist performed several more tests, and together, concluded that Jimmy had caught this disease, Seminoma Cancer, in the early stages, as it was preparing to spread like wildfire, but it didn’t. The recommendation was surgical removal of the masses and the testicle. Once the surgery was complete, and several weeks of recovery, Jimmy was on his way again in life, and as he always has done, wakes up every morning with a smile, and with hope for the day ahead! He believes that tomorrow is not guaranteed to him or us, and thus he wanted to give back and help in the only way he knew how; through design and footwear. , so he founded the MyCause Brand; a footwear & apparel brand that’s sole purpose is to support causes and foundations that provide research to find cures to these diseases and conditions.

Every purchase from MyCause directly benefits the cause or foundation of your choice; we give 20% of our profits back to your causes, every year. This is the story of our Founder & Creator, Jimmy James.

Battle Again

I’ve always had an Entrepreneurial Spirit inside of me that burns, but it wasn’t until I had cancer, and near death, that I really began to dream and envision things that I could do to contribute in a positive way for those who are fighting their own good fight. I can remember in this photo, not long after I was diagnosed with cancer and moved upstairs after being admitted, that I wanted to research more and more about an idea I had to combine my experience in design & footwear, with having been through multiple cancer fights, and thought it would be a huge success. I never would allow cancer to hold me down. It gave me time to think more and dream more. I had nothing to lose at that point.

3rd Time's the Charm?

I remember this moment very well. I was just diagnosed with my 3rd different type of cancer, for the 3rd time! I was in pre-op, and a family member took this picture. By my side every minute, as she has been for many years, was the greatest woman I had and have ever known; my wife Lanette. When you have been diagnosed with cancer, not only does reality of life and death kick in, but so does the reality that you need support; you need someone, some people even, to help you, lift you up along the way through life’s journey with this disease. Having physical strength is one thing, BUT having spiritual and mental strength from friends and family is a whole different thing! What you receive from them can NOT be replaced or duplicated by you. Remember that support is only a call or touch away, and winning your battle with whatever you may be fighting, is also only a call or a touch away. One thing I’ve learned that has always guided me well; NEVER let your situation define you.