My Cause Brand

MyCause Brand Logo

The MyCause Brand logo is a highly recognizable logo with several profound meanings built into it. 

1.) The Logo is a ribbon, first and foremost; a ribbon that is split into multiple pieces, which represent the main colors of ribbons that we support, but as a whole, those little pieces make up the entire ribbon.

2.) The Shoelace End Caps – Our name is MyCause Brand, but we’re widely known for our awareness footwear. Our logo has shoelace end-caps on the bottom of it to signify the type of awareness product that we specialize in; FOOTWEAR!

3.) Multi-Colored Ribbon – The multiple colors in our logo stands for the many different colors of your Causes that we support.

4.) The Outside Circle – The Outside Circle on our logo represents us all coming together for one common cause; the betterment of mankind, regardless of your cause. No one cause is better, or more needed than the the other.