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Fashion Designer Jimmy Stephens & The MyCause Brand, win coveted award.

The 100th Annual ADC Awards Shortlist was announced back on April 16th, 2021. As a new brand, with a new category of product, that being Awareness Shoes, it would come as no surprise to International award-winning Fashion Designer Jimmy Stephens, the Designer & Founder behind the MyCause Brand, if he and the brand were not on the Shortlist, after all, it takes years to become known in the fashion world, especially for a new brand, and one in a category such as “Doing Good”. 

As Jimmy opened the file to show the Shortlist names, much to his surprise, there it was! There, under the category of Fashion Design: Design for Good, was MyCause Brand / Jimmy James, as he is known by; a treat no doubt, but this was the 1st Shortlist to come out; there would be another Shortlist, and then a Final Cut to see who the finalists were; “definitely not going to make it past that” is what I was thinking, Jimmy said, but much to his surprise and happiness, there it was again….and again….and FINALLY, on May 26th, 2021, the official results for who the Awards were, was shown to the world, and YES, the MyCause Brand & Jimmy Stephens’ names were on that Finalists list. The MyCause Brand & Jimmy were there to stay!

The MyCause Brand & Jimmy were 1 of only 14 people and/or brands in the world who would take home the coveted ADC Award for Fashion Design, at it’s 100th Annual ADC Awards Show on June 9th.

Jimmy started the MyCause Brand after his third battle with a third type of cancer. He is a 3x Advanced-Stage Cancer Survivor, and a living reminder that you can do anything you put your mind and heart in to. Jimmy used his skillset as a footwear designer and melded that with his past as a cancer patient and survivor, to use the rest of his life for good by designing and making custom awareness shoes to help those who are fighting, survived, or who we all lost due to terrible diseases and/or circumstances. He’s making a difference in this old world, one Awareness shoe at a time.

So congratulations to Jimmy & the MyCause Brand. No doubt they are here to stay.

You may read his story and find his work at

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